Monday, July 16, 2012

And the winner is......

Canadacole is the winner of the name the quilt contest!!  But let me tell you how this all played out...

As I posted a link on Facebook, that's where the names started coming... first name was Fields of Love, given by a dear friend who explained how the quilt reminded her of the perfect fields when flying over England.  I was drawn into her vision and thought so too. It reminded me of my trip to England a few years ago when I toured London and the surrounding areas with my sister on a weekend!  I began to think that the quilt reminded me of the perfectly manicured gardens at Hampton Court.  I was hoping someone might name it "my english garden", but that never came.
The next names were amazing too, as each one had a story that went with it.  They were all very touching, but it wasn't until canadacole posted Summer Oasis that I knew I had my quilt name.  (For a brief moment there, I thought Harry might be appropriate given the fact that I have puppy and guest puppy at the house and in my bed most mornings...) As a tribute to the fabric name, Oasis is very appropriate, but even more so with this hot hot weather we're having!  I'm not complaining, because this is the first hot summer in five years of living on the coast!  It's a shame to be so close to the beach and not have hot weather! During this heat wave, I've been in my cool basement- my oasis- working on this lovely quilt!  What a treat!  It will certainly bring hot summer memories once I have it completed.

Now, Canadacole lives a bit too far for me to just bake something and bring it over, so I offered the set of handmade cards.  Wanna see them?  They are quite pretty.... I hope she thinks so too!

Fancy little storage box to hold them all!!

Today is the day Cookie comes home from Hawaii for her summer break!  Can't wait to see her! I'm baking a triple layer cake for her!
I want to eat it now!!  Only 2 more hours before she arrives!

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  1. They are gorgeous and I'm so excited to win!

    Also--a big, BIG welcome home to Cookie!