Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

Big birthday preparations and fun today.  Celebrating 19 years of having Cookie in our family!  What a treat!
In honour of this occasion, Muffin and I worked hard to create the perfect birthday cake!
We used this cake recipe, but changed out the milk for So Delicious Coconut Milk beverage, and the butter for Earth Balance.  Oh, and we made it lemon flavoured!! 
We made 2 round cakes first.  Then we made 24 cupcakes using the recipe posted here.  These are vanilla flavoured, just in case we get tired of eating lemon cake.
Cookie sent tagged us in Pinterest, so we could see this cake idea...  but she wanted a SHARK!!  Cookie loves sharks...
It was hard, but in the end, Muffin was the hero!  This is what we got:
Its a great white...  lemon shark!!

He has TEETH!!

With the extra round cake, Muffin made this!  So beautiful!

Of course, we sang Happy Birthday to Cookie in our best voices after dinner, and we cut the cake.  We cut the rosette cake, keeping the shark intact a little longer.  Pretty sure I'll be having shark for breakfast tomorrow...  


Oh, and please, support shark conservation efforts on behalf of Cookie, marine biology student/shark lover.


  1. Hi

    My son has requested this cake for his birthday. Do you have the template you used and which brand and colour of grey colouring did you use?

    1. We didn't use a template, we kind of cut the cake slowly and gradually. We had 3 cake rounds, so we had lots of extra cake to work with. Our grey colour is made with Delphinium Blue and black. Just as small quantity of each. We had made shark cookies previously, so we had some practice getting the right grey colour. Try colouring your frosting first, then your fondant. The colours are Wilton colours. Good luck! I hope he is happy with the cake!!

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